Monday, June 16, 2008

Duck Attack!

The other day, Lynda, Kaci and I all went for a bike ride and ended up at a duck pond. It was Kaci's first encounter. She loved them. She even tried to scoot her way into the water to swim with them.

Since she liked them so much I went back a couple days later... but it was around lunch time. I figured we'd check out the ducks and then eat lunch, but the ducks had plans of their own.

I sat her down and took a picture. Then I scooted back to take a better one and the duck had started running towards her squaking like crazy. So I got closer again. The duck stopped and started to retreat, so I scooted back again to get a picture and then the duck rushed and started pecking at Kaci. Appearently the ducks were hungry too and thought Kaci looked tastey. Needless to say, I rescued Kaci before they could eat her alive and we fled. I think it'll be a while before we go back.

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