Thursday, June 26, 2008

Trucker Baby

On Monday, Brianne and her kids came and played. We went to that fun museum with them (they have a year pass!) and just played at home. Mayley loves to be pushed around in this little red car and she asked Kaci to ride with her this time. Mayley put her arm around her and Kaci assumed her trucker baby position with her elbow hanging out the door and they were off.

We also went to a baseball game with them. Bryan got some free SLC Bee's tickets and invited us. He also treated us to dinner at Crown King Burgers. Unfortunately, Kaci and I both got sick from our burger, but it tasted good at the restaurant. Aside from that, it was fun to go to a game again. Kaci really enjoyed all the clapping. For the most part, she just sat on my lap or Brad's and clapped. She is too cute! Thanks again Call Familia, we had fun!

This picture is courtesy of Bryan. He explained that he has always wanted to do that to someone on vacation but never really would. Thanks for the great pix!!

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