Sunday, July 27, 2008

Birthday Girl Pictures

Kaci was an absolute doll opening presents. She'd unwrap one, hold it up, and then play with it. I've never had so much fun watching a lil one open presents. She was so much fun. She got a ton of super fun stuff! Thanks for all the sweet stuff!

She also had chocolate for the FIRST time! I made her a chocolate haupia cream pie. Papa Call helped her dig in. She ended up having a lot of family there for it all. Mama Verdi, GG, Nacho, and Krys all came up from Arizona and Papa Call, Lynda, and Hayley were able to make it too. It was great to have so much family there for her 1st birthday.

1 comment:

Cierra said...

happy belated birthday Kaci!

so how did the pie turn out?? what did you end up using for the haupia part?