Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Eat your heart out Hawaiians!

Ok, can I just say I LOVE going to the grocery store here! Everything is so CHEAP! Today we rode our bikes to the Sunflower Farmers Market and came home with a ton of yummy produce. How much would you guess I paid for all this? Nope, you over priced it! I only paid 13 dollars and 12 cents! That's right! I got: (straight off my receipt!)
3 nectarines for $.87
5 ears of corn for $1.00
2 organic celery hearts for $3.00
1 lb of tomatos for $.92
3.60 lbs of apples for $3.53
3 whole cantalopes for $1.00
4 grapefruits for $.69
1 lb of strawberries for $.99
1 champagne mango for $.50
totaling $13.12


Cierra said...

Kerri why do you torture me so?? I was so stinkin' excited and happy about life when I went to Foodland on Saturday and stocked up on all the fruit that was "on sale"...until I saw this! I was stoked that kiwis were on sale for 2 for $1 and that peaches were like $2-something a pound. I even bought cherries!, which would usually require one to take out a loan, but I paid the "great" sale price of $6 for one bag.

You do not even know how much I daydream about cheap fruit. I'm not even kidding, many of my conversations with Alfredo revolve around the very idea.

Enjoy it for me, please.

Kerri said...

oh, I understand. Do I ever understand!!