Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our Convertible!

This summer Kaci and I cruised around in style... in a convertible. Or at least that's what we called it! We went everywhere together. The parkway, the swimming pool, the store... we rode on the bike A LOT! It looks like she is a little smashed, we need to get an extender to give her more space, but she really enjoyed the bike rides. I'm going to miss that bike, but hopefully we can get another one in VA!!


Cierra said...

hahahahaha it looks like your booty is smothering her!! (i promise that was not an insult in any have a perfect-sized rear-end...okay, now i sound like i'm trying to pick up on you. shoot.what i mean is, it's a funny picture)

Kerri said...

don't i know it! loved the comment!