Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Payson Lakes

The Call family tradition is to go to Payson Lakes and camp each summer. They've done it FOREVER and continue to do it. Each year is memorable. This year was the first year all four Call kids have been together since like 1998. Here's the rundown: Spend all week prior to camping making cookies, planning the food, and telling stories of previous years. Load up the truck with the canoe and make sure you don't forget ANYTHING AT ALL! Drive for an hour to get there. Unload everything, partially set up camp, hurry and put on your swim suits and play at the lake. Come back to camp, eat a sugary snack, try to eat dinner, eat some more sugary snacks, play games, put on the jammies, roast mallows, try to sleep, wake up, eat a big ol' breakfast, partially tear down camp, put your swim suits back on, play all day, eat lunch, finish tearing down camp, grab a snack, and head back home. WHEW! I'm still exhausted from all that. Special to this year is: the forgotten oars for the canoe, the forgotten utensils to eat all the yummy food with, tons of loose dirt at the campsite, and 3 babies... now that's what I call a fabuloso camping trip!!
A few pictures capture the ambiance of the trip!
There's a deer in the thicket... I promise!

Kaci ready to go swimming and actually wearing her hat!

Bryan Scott being the motor for the canoe with out oars. When he got tired we used Frisbees to propel the canoe!

All the adults gearing up for a swim across the lake. The water was freezing, but since the pier was closed off, this had to be done to replace jumping off of it.

Kaci trying on the unicorn look, pretty fancy stuff!


Abbie Anna and Megan said...

The game you made was AWESOME. Glad we were all there (Steve was there in spirit-I promise!)

Cierra said...

Does Kaci's swimsuit come in Cierra-size??