Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Felicidades a Mi

Thanks for the numerous calls and emails on my birthday! You all are just great! We went apartment hunting all day on my birthday, so we were all business. I actually enjoyed listening to all the voicemails that night. I think that wishing or receiving a happy birthday is one of the most awkward exchanges. The person wishing really can only do one of two things, be sincere or silly and the reciever can really only say one thing in response "thanks". However the 3 second exchange is never only 3 seconds. It always drags on until a really awkward silence is reached and then small talk begins. Does anyone agree? I'm always relieved to just leave a message or send a card on someone's birthday to avoid the awkwardness. Brad thinks I'm silly, but I know all of you are agreeing with me whether you'll admit it or not. Anyway, the point of the story is that I loved all my voicemails and emails because I avoided all the awkward small talk that occupanies a happy birthday wish and I still felt totally loved and super special! THANKS

The grandioso news is that we FINALLY found something! We are so excited! The landlord has to be one of the coolest guys in the world! He looked at us, scanned our application, asked Brad if he had good credit, and then sealed the deal. No hassle, even with no job!! The place is about 600 sq feet, so it isn't HUGE, but it's 200 sq feet bigger than our place in Hawaii AND it has doors!! Kaci gets her own room (halelujah!) and it's about the same price. We hope to move in next weekend. Meanwhile we're living it up at Uncle Bruce's house outside of DC. I am loving watching the olympics on his big screen tv. Pole-vault is coming up this weekend, and Brad has already agreed to occupy the little one! Wahoo!

Sorry no pictures or videos still, we've got some good ones, but we don't have the cords to our camera unpacked yet. So sorry. You'll get a pluthera of pictures and videos the second we are unpacked!!


newsinaminute said...

happy day
glad you found the apt. glad you had a good day. let us know the mailing address and we'll be sending your t-shirt your way
the apt sounds great and a great ward that has potential for lots of good interaction too *(it sounds like from what brad has said)

Val said...

How excited it seems like life has been crazy for you. Happy belated birthday.

Christy & Kevin said...

Oh man, we totally just missed you...maybe even passed you on the highway (unless you flew). We left VA just a few weeks ago. I am glad you found a place to live and are getting settled. You will absolutely love it there! Way different than Hawaii, but totally just as cool.
Who knows...when all the school stuff is over, we might be neighbors in New Zealand or something. Good luck!

zealandrocks said...

YAY you found a place to live!! that is very exciting!!

wanna hear something even more exciting?!?!

i just finsihed breaking dawn.. i need your address ASAP so i can send it to you!!! =]