Thursday, September 4, 2008

Picture Anyone?

My lil sis gave everyone a 4x6 magnet of her for Christmas. I'll be honest, I love it! I always have it on my fridge. Kaci has taken a liking to it lately. She'll walk over to the fridge and put her face up to it, or just touch it and smile. It's funny. I wish I had one of everyone in the family for her to look at. So, if you'll send me a "good" picture of yourself (just send it to my email) I'll make a magnet so Kaci can see you too. So far, Anut Krysie is the only one she plays with everyday.

1 comment:

zealandrocks said...

OF course she plays with me everyday!!! I"m the favorite aunt! WE can have fun together even when we are hundreds of miles apart!!! =]