Thursday, September 4, 2008

We Love "the burg"

On Sunday I told Brad, "I'm glad this place doesn't suck". Brad emphatically agreed. Everyday we think of a new reason to love H'burg, or "the burg" as some people call it.
Our top 3 reasons we love it so far:
Numero Uno: The church we go to is super friendly and everyone loves us. We have tons of new friends and we've only been here two weeks.
Numero Dos: The Parks ROCK! Huge, fun, and completely different. Purcell with the castle playground and Hillandale with the mountain biking trails and jogging course. Simply heaven for us and they are close!
Numero Tres: Kaci and I have stuff to do. We go the library for story time as well as Mom's Groups (we are going to start the Mennonite Mom's Group next week and the Mormon Mom's Group tomorrow).
(this picture doesn't do the playround justice, I could only fit half of it in the pix, you'll have to see it to really appreciate it! hint hint, come visit!!)


Sam & Elizabeth Akinaka said...

Yay for you liking it!! I'm glad ya'll do! Def. better than being bored in TVA, lol.

zealandrocks said...

i'm so happy you guys love it there!!! i was so worried about that!! YAY for the parks. I can't wait t have kaci take me there to play.
I"m glad you are doing mom groups. i told you didn't i!?!?!?!?
YAY for loving where you live!!