Sunday, October 26, 2008

Campaign Woes

Moving to Virginia during an election year could possibly be the worst idea we have ever had. YIKES! Even the kids have political opinions here. Brad and I have done our homework on the candidates. We've dedicated several family nights to "looking at the issues". What a mess that has been. My brain constantly hurts from it. We have finally reached a solid conclusion, but I am scared to death to out myself. Republican or Democrat? McCain or Obama? The answer to these questions could make you an outcast or a best friend. What do you say? Like I said, I'm scared to death to say anything. I feel a little sheepish for not helping to campaign and all, but the personal cost for outing myself is just too high. I want friends, not enemies. I just think it is CRAZY that even among LDS people there are so many different opinions. Aren't we all suppose to be working towards the same goal? How then can political opinions among the same congregation be so very different? Elections are just a couple weeks away, and I just hope all the chaos ends very soon there after. No matter who wins, I hope the country can at least try to be unified and supportive of the new administration.
Brad wants to out himself, but by outing himself he outs me, so I told him I think he should just start his own blog and leave mine alone! He also says that people will draw a conclusion from this post of who I support, good luck to ya I'll never tell!


zealandrocks said...

i feel ya sister! I'm going for mccain! i'll out myself. I don't really know much but thats what i'm going for. It will be very intertesting to see what happens. I hope we all have a prayer in our hearts as we go to vote. thats the only way this country will work..

Abbie Anna and Megan said...

I think different people have different opinions based upon their different life experiences-how much they actually understand that goes on in the healthcare system, how much they think they understand is going on in our economy-or how much they have been affected by what is going on in the economy, how much they've needed help or how much they've given help, etc. It has been interesting though. We have watched all the debates and Larry King and Anderson Cooper are nighttime shows Steve and I watch while we pick up and get ready for bed. It will be interesting.

Nate, Kim, Lili and Baby Nate said...

all I have to say is we are in for some interesting times regardless of who wins. They are both a joke in my book. but you already now my opinion, because I have no problem sharing it with anyone!!! I think I might just write in a good candidate like Romney...then at least I can say I voted for someone I actually did agree with.

Liam said...

I have a simple policy:

No matter what you do, do NOT vote for the person who wins. Otherwise, you'll have no one to blame but yourself. =)