Thursday, October 9, 2008

Oh Bradley!

Kaci comes in from outside plugging her nose, telling us she's poopy.
Brad escorts her to her room to change her diaper.
Brad and Kaci emerge from said room and Kaci falls over.
Again, and again, and again.
Brad: "What's wrong Kaci, all the sudden you forgot how to walk?"
Kaci: "WAAAAA!!"
Brad keeps picking her up and she keeps falling over.
Brad: "Kerri, what's wrong with Kaci"
Kerri: "I don't know. It looks like she's limping."
Kaci: "wimper... waaa... boo-hoo"
I check out her feet looking for splinters and what not. I find nothing, Brad takes a look, he discovers little rocks and dirt between her toes. So we get a q-tip and clean between her toes, much to her protest. We set her down and she continues to fall over.
Kerri: "What's wrong Kaci?"
Kaci: "AWWWWW"
I pick her up, pin her down to further examine her feet. Brad then notices he put both her legs through one leg hole! We remove the skorts, set Kaci down, and like magic she can walk again!!

Poor Little Girl!


Jana said...

That is too funny guys! ha ha Ty and I were laughing pretty hard and were just imagining her trying to walk then her falling.

zealandrocks said...


so i'm sitting at school reading this and really laughed out loud!!!

man i can so see this happening. i could here brad talking and see kerri looking at her feet.

MAN good good story.

these are times when we need hidden camera to catch random funniness HAHAH =]

Jen said...

I love reading about your family adventures!

Cierra said...

this makes me excited to have alfredo be a dad, just so i can laugh at things like that!!
(no, this was not an announcement)