Monday, December 29, 2008

3 years STRONG!

We were sick for Christmas again this year. I'm glad I didn't give into the temptation to travel. Kaci had a double ear infection and was taking an awful antibiotic that gave her an upset stomach (a plane ride would have been awful) and Brad got the stomach flu. We tried to put on happy faces and make life merry, but reality is that we mostly slept and cleaned up messes. I had the stomach flu the week before and still didn't have an appetite. When I get bored at home I normally cook and bake, so that's what I did even though none of us could really eat. I packed our fridge with all my yummy creations that we would only sample. Kaci would help me when she was awake and feeling ok. One day Kaci and I made over 100 chocolate chip cookies to give to our friends, she is an awesome helper!
My yummy creations included:
banana nut bread (my grandma always made little loafs and I'll always eat one)
virgin strawberry daiquiris
bean dip (loving referred to as poop on the platter in the Hebner home)
BBQ wings with my own BBQ sauce
a smoked turkey
mashed potatoes
mozzarella sticks

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