Saturday, December 20, 2008

Gingerbread House Tradition

The Call family tradition continues. When we chose not to fly in for Christmas I thought it meant no gingerbread house decorating, but ours arrived via mail! Lynda made us our own house and frosting and mailed it with tons of candy! WHOO-HOO! Of all their traditions, this one is my favorite! I think it is SO much fun. I don't know who threw up this year, it wasn't us. Kaci ate more candy then I even want to admit. We covered our house and still had leftovers. I think it turned out fabulous!
Brad is says "It's a good thing we didn't fly home because our house would have won the best house contest... again."
For reference there actually is no contest, everyone wins best whatever they want to be. Well, maybe there is one between Brad and Bryan, but they both always claim to win too.


newsinaminute said...

so fun to see the gingerbread house all decorated--that made us smile--so glad it made you smile to getting it sent to you--that was our plan all along--to make you Christmas season a little brighter! sure love all or ya
the other decorations are sensational too--what a cute dance too! so much to applaud--you are in our thoughts---I went to a singing concert tonight and they sang the old Christmas song--I'll be home for Christmas "if only in my dreams"-and I thought yeah--thats another way we can feel loved (in our dreams of those we love)
-hope we're in your dreams
cause you are in ours--
;love what you done to create such a home --of your own to enjoy the season--its decked out soooo
cheery--did I mention we especially love the window

Hayley said...

just to let you know there is a contest and I won this year - as usual.

Abbie Anna and Megan said...

Turned out great. Glad you guys could still make them!!!