Thursday, December 4, 2008

I just love...

I love that Kaci prefers to hold my hand. When we walk somewhere (like through a store or to check the mail) she typically reaches out for me to hold her hand. By holding my hand I mean holding my index finger because her hands are still so small. My heart melts when we start walking somewhere and she reaches out to grab hold of my finger. I hope she never grows out of it, but like most things, she probably will.

I think it all goes back to when she was learning how to walk. I would just hold her hand so she could walk around but not lose her balance and fall all the time. Now she just prefers it even though she is a confident walker and has been for a few months now. It's great when we are crossing a street or in a crowded place, I've never had to fight with her to stay close, nor do I ever have to chase after her, she just prefers to stay close, holding my "hand".

Did I mention she is 31 inches tall now and almost 21 pounds (yeah technically still weighing in at 20). I was shocked that she didn't weigh more, she eats so much food in one day it's incredible. Hayley recently witnessed how much Kaci can eat and was shocked! She still doesn't weigh as much as most kids her age (she's in the 10th percentile), but at least she's as tall as everyone else (50th percentile). She's right on track developmentally so far (whew!).

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