Saturday, December 6, 2008

National Cathedral

Hayley: We'll go to the DC temple, the zoo, and the Cathedral because they're all on the same street.
Kerri: Great, what street?
Hayley: I don't know.
Kerri: Did you look it up?
Hayley: I thought you knew.

Don't worry, we did find it. Luckily we had a map and after all of us looked at it a few times we figured it all out.
Brad: Do you think the Cathedral will be cooler than the temple?
Kevin: No, is that even possible?
Hayley: It's gotta be cool!
as we walk up to it
Brad: Ok, they've got us beat!

Absolutely beautiful. The stained glass was my favorite. Kaci's favorite (of course) was sitting on the chair.


Abbie Anna and Megan said...

Fun to visit on the phone today! Everything from Hayley's trip looks awesome! Hawaii, D.C.= Once again Kaci's first years are cool, my poor kids claim to fame was Iowa...well we did count Nauvoo.

Cierra said...

hahaha i love the conversation you and hayley had! that's exactly how i remember her being when we were roomies in the ninja house.