Monday, January 26, 2009

18 Months

Kaci is 18 months today. I LOVE this age. She gladly lets me wash her face, she blows her own nose, she can feed herself, she can communicate wonderfully, she's started talking (thank you, no, shoe, and uh-oh are her favorite words), she can run and play, she's teachable, she sleeps regularly (naps 12:30-2 daily, sleeps 12 hours at night), loves babies, balls, blocks, and books, she brushes her own teeth and is trying to learn the art of flossing, she can bake better than Betty Crocker, she eats almost anything (potatoes excluded), can mimic nearly everything I do, and is the best buddy I could ever ask for. If it weren't for Brad she would be my best friend. I just love her so much and TODAY she has been apart of our lives for 18 blessed months!

I'd freeze time... if she were potty trained. I'm completely dumb founded about what to do about that now. She'll happily sit on the potty but has yet to actually go potty on it. Oh well, in time she'll get it!

Happy Half Birthday Kaci-Bear!


zealandrocks said...

wow 18 months ago we were sitting in the hopsital trying to keep entertained until this little girl finally graced us with her presence!! I wish i lived closer to you guys! I miss you all tons!!!

newsinaminute said...

I love little Kaci--surely glad you got her--what a sweetheart!

Hebbie said...

who couldn't love little sunshine. I'm so happy to have her as my grand-daughter. Kaci,I'm so glad you take such good care of your mommy and daddy. I love you tender
Ma Verdi