Friday, February 27, 2009

Thomas Jefferson

For Valentine's Day we took a trip to Charlottesville to see the University of Virginia. Thomas Jefferson designed the whole thing so it was fun to get a little history lesson. The idea of the students and faculty living on campus to create a better learning environment is cool. It's still like that today. We enjoyed our tour. (p.s. Mom, notice she is wearing the white coat you made her. She refuses to wear any other coat, next time, please don't make it white! And thanks again, she loves it and so does EVERYONE who sees her in it. I seriously get a zillion compliments on it every single day!)

We also went out to eat (WHOA, I know, we NEVER go out to eat, too expensive). We got a slice of pizza at Christian's pizza at the down town mall. They had the coolest toppings. I got an avocado, tomato, and feta slice and Brad got green pepper and pepperoni. I wanted to try the spicy thai too, but the avocado always wins me over. They had like 10 different types of pizza and none of them are standard, one pizza had artichoke. It was affordable too. A huge slice with tons of toppings (they weren't skimpy) for $3.

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