Sunday, March 8, 2009

He's Off

Brad is officially on his way to Hawaii! He can't wait to meet little Ezra. Liam and Jessie have a little boy in tote now and Brad just had to see him. He's also excited to visit the Howards and play play play. It's funny to think that he'll be the white tourist guy panting on the beach from trying to paddle out!

Special thanks to The Feds for the tax return, JMU (affectionately known as the money suckers)for the scholarship, Momma and Papa Call for the "little surprise" in Brad's Utah account, and birthday money from Mom and Dad (that we loaned out to ourselves to buy non-fun, non birthday stuff til we got above mentioned money)! I guess I should also thank his work for finally getting him a job again so that we actually have an income again. Who knew (literally) dodging a bullet at work still meant no job for over a month. He DODGED it, next time it might be better to just take the hit.


newsinaminute said...

So glad he got to go back--I don't think there is anyone who loves Hawaii more than brad does --that's great that he can be there to get aquainted with ezra too.

PS must add that I have to admit I am quite glad he dodged that bullet
but the sucks that backfired (no pun intended) on making him be without work for a peroid of time
how can that be faIr? "go figure" but as we see & as brad would often say
"it all works out "--
just so he knows--from time to time-I rely on his quote and positive attitude to get me through some tight spots-

Da Denninghoff's said...

it was so nice to hear from you. The last time I spoke with you, I told you we werent sure what we will do. Guess what? It hasnt change. At times It can be so frustrating and at other times I'm just like uh, whatever. We do have it narrowed down to two options though, it's either the Air Force or DC. Mark just got accepted to American University which is located in NW DC, but we haven't gotten a solid answer that we both feel confident about. So we will see:)Your daughter is absolutely beautiful and has grown so fast. Love your blog by the way:)

Cierra said...

Brad randomly showed up at our house on Tuesday night!! He probably thought I was rude because I was just in complete shock seeing him stand there outside our door and at the same time I was kind of expecting you to pop out as well!

He came in and Alfredo and I chatted with him for awhile. It was so nice to see him! He said he had a blast hiking Laie Falls and surfing twice in one day. He has El Diablo right now! I think Brad quickly got accustomed to Hawaii again because when he left our apartment with my board under his arm, he left his sandals in our house and walked away barefoot! I had to run and catch up with him, hahaha.

Brianne said...

thats cute to hear what your friend cierra said about brad!! Brad is so funny!! I'm glad he is having a fun time!! Hope you girlies are doing ok without him!! party it up while he is gone huh!?

just kidding! just have fun i guess is what i'm trying to say!