Thursday, March 26, 2009


Baby Ezra! The newest member of our extended family. I think he has my eyes... just kidding. I think he looks like Liam.

Brad really enjoyed spending time with his soul mate, Liam. It's amazing what a lil time with your best friend can do for ya. Brad came back a new man. I think Brad has really missed Liam. They talk on the phone, but a surf session with your best friend does so much more for your soul!

Brad loved holding a lil baby, he's been wanting one so I hope he got his fix.

The proud parents. Brad didn't take near enough pictures, but I loved this one. What is cooler than first time parents and the dad getting to hold the lil bundle of joy? It's these kind of pictures that make life worth living, don't ya think?

What motherhood can do to a girl.... I think we all feel that way at least once day. Jessie is amazing. What a tuff gal. I love her personality. She can be such a goof, what an endearing quality! I think you are amazing Jessie! Brad can't stop telling me what a great mom you are and how considerate you were of all your guests. Thanks for letting Brad come and play so much, hope he didn't get in the way too much!

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zealandrocks said...

HE is toooo cute!! i hope i get to meet him someday!!!