Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kaci's Easter Dress

My Mom made Kaci an Easter dress. She got it done early and sent it early. I had to hide it from Kaci for like a month. When I pulled it out on Easter she came running to me to put it on. She was so excited (see video). She looked dashing in her PINK (not purple, mom) dress.

Kaci started standing like this when I started doing Yoga at home, I think it is her version of the warrior poses, those were always her favorite. Probably not the best pose to do in a dress... we'll work on it!


larissa said...

getting a new Easter dress is the BEST!! Kaci is so beautiful. I love her blonde hair.
She's totally rockin grandma's dress.

newsinaminute said...

very cute dress--cute girl wearing it--cute grandma verda to sew it
she looks darling and I loved the twirling around--best part of wearing dresses--loved sharing in this