Friday, May 29, 2009

Tour De Vine 2009

Hi Folks,
This is Brad. One thing I never understood is why people are expected to fund raise in order to participate in an event such as a 5k, Relay for Life, or a 25-50 mile bike ride. I mean, what's the connection? Kerri tried to explain it to me, but I still don't get it. I think it would make more sense for fund raisers to try and find people to run in the event that they are supporting (I realize that I'm the only person who doesn't get it- and that I'll just have to accept the fact that it is what it is). Anyways, when I was at the bike shop the other day these guys were telling me about this big bike ride they do in Charlottesville every year to support research for Multiple Sclerosis that is a minimum of 25 miles and can go up to 100 miles. It's called the Tour de Vine because they ride through a bunch of vineyards and it happens June 13th. And I thought to myself "Oh yeah, that sounds like fun." Then they told me that if I signed up that day then registration would be free and I'd get a free pair of "biking socks". So I said "Sweet, sign me up." They smiled, took my information, gave me a free pair of biking socks and then hit me with the "There's some great resources online to help you fundraise- we like each rider to raise a minimum of $250.00" I was like "Whaaaat?" and then I realized (Oh, it's one of thooose things). But I'm okay with it because it is a very good cause. I know a number of people who have multiple sclerosis and I think it's great that I can do something to support this cause. I'm just going to pretend that the system is set up the way that I think it should be- So if there are any donors out there who are looking for a rider to participate in the Tour de Vine then I'm your man. You can donate here here Tour de Vine And I'll let you know how it goes. Right now I'm thinking I'm going to ride 50 miles. We'll see.

This is what my bike looks like, I just thought I'd add a picture because posts without pictures are not cool.


newsinaminute said...

good luck--I'll support you emotionally and financially-too
see juno email I sent ya--and best of luck for you--I believe you can do 50--I loved riding your bike while I was there==and I know you are in good shape--wow those are getting to be pretty expensive biking socks--j/k==it is a great cause --glad your sign up is free

Nancy K said...

50 miles!?!?! Makes my bum start hurting just by reading this! GO YOU!

Brianne said...

Hey Brad, I would be willing to donate a small amount of moola for you. My mom has MS and I think its the greatest cause ever that you are doing it for!! AWESOME STUFF DUDE! So how do i donate?!!

That rocks that you are going to do 50 miles. I took the kids on a bike ride with our new bike stroller for about 7 or 8 blocks tonight and I was pooped. You definently have to work out to do 50 miles.