Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Carla, the pool lady

Our apartment has a swimming pool. A big pool with a deep end and a baby pool. We LOVE it. Kaci and I spend the bulk of our day there. We 2 to 3 times a day, in the morning after breakfast and our trip to the park, we go before or after lunch to get good and tired for our afternoon siesta, and then we go in the evening with Brad (if he's home and has time). It's right across the street from our front door.

We have a pool lady. She sits under an awning, wears a whistle, brings toys, and brings treats. That's right. Every time you go swimming you can get a treat before you leave. Cookies, chips, fruit snacks, granola bars, kool-aid... whatever your heart desires (or your mom's heart desires... occasionally) :)

Kaci has mastered blowing bubbles, holding her breath and going underwater, kicking to get from one end of the big pool to the other (long or short) with floaties on, and entering and exiting the pool by herself. I'm loving it!


zealandrocks said...

how fun!!! thats cool that the lady does that!!! Kaci will be a swimming pro when she gets back to az!

Hebbie said...

yahoo Kaci. grandma is soooo proud of you. Good for you kerri...do you remember learning to swim at President Johnson's house. good times

newsinaminute said...

so glad you are getting pool time-I can picture the pool as we saw it when we were there and I imagined the fun you'd be having
I think I would love a job like the pool lady--passing out food (:
sounds like kaci has a way good teacher--at least her lessons last summer got her started--but this summer sounds even better!

Cierra said...

please tell me that carla does not get paid for being a pool lady and that she just took it upon herself to buy a whistle and sit out by the pool everyday. please.