Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

21= surfing with my new husband
22= Brad was busy being a guinea pig, gone all weekend
23= apartment hunting aka long miserable day
24= resort stay at Massanutten

Brad more than made up for last year's poopy birthday. He scheduled our FREE resort stay for my birthday. 3 days, 2 nights in a super nice condo in the great Virginia mountains. Kitchen, huge jacuzzi tub, King size bed, t.v., hiking, biking, waterpark, and best of all tons of time with Brad when he had absolutely nothing else to do but play with me! I loved it. Honestly, what could be better than blissful days with my husband? I loved every minute (maybe not the one when Kaci peed on me, it was a weird toilet malfunction, not intentional).

Happy Highlights:
A friend of ours works at Massanutten, he saw our names on the reservation list and upgraded us from a hotel to a condo!

We got 4 waterpark tickets for FREE. So we shared two with a new couple at our church. They watched Kaci a couple times so Brad and I could go on some of the slides together. Awesome!

We got to watch t.v. This is a vacation in itself. It was fun to sit and watch movies and funny shows that we never see. It sucks our brains out, but it's summer and we were on vacation! We enjoyed the break from the internet and Kaci's constant asking to read her books in her room. Everyone was occupied and no one had to entertain anyone. It was a nice break.

Our 3 hour tour only lasted an hour and a half, no pressure from the sales guy to buy, Kaci slept during it, the tour was just driving around the mountain seeing all their stuff, and we got $50 for doing it!


zealandrocks said...

Hmmmm ma'am I do believe I was there for your 22nd birthday. I may not be brad but I am your 3rd most favorite person in the whole world!!! =]

Misty said...

Happy Birthday pretty girl! :) I am so glad that you had such a wonderful day/weekend!

Nancy K said...

Pretty much sweet!!!

newsinaminute said...

looks like a ball--love the water park--from the pics it looked just right for kaci too--cute pixs