Thursday, August 27, 2009

On Strike

I'm officially on strike from Walmart! I haven't been in a week now. This is phenomenal for me. It's in walking distance to my dwelling place, so I usually go multiple times a week for various reasons, sometimes just so Kaci can run around because it's raining or whatever.

Why am I on strike. Several reasons: 1)they're remodeling it 2)they're making it worse 3)they got rid of self checkout 4)I don't like the new lables for the walmart brand stuff (great value) 5)i watched a video that made me feel like a schmuck for shopping there 6)I use to go at least a month w/o going in Hawaii

How long will it all last? Aside from all its down sides, it is SUPER convenient to get EVERYTHING in one place and its always open. (wait, is that really a good thing?)


larissa & jason said...

Ah wal mart. Well now that i have to learn to not rely on it i miss it like crazy. however, in america it always feels good to support stores other than wally world. there's something good about feeling like your dollar goes to a ma and pa type place instead of the corporation. i support your strike

Brett, Kelly, Cohen and Kembry said...

Thanks for sharing the video. It was really eye opening. I think a lot of people, somewhere in their minds and conscience, know this is the way of our economy, but need a slap in the face to really get it. I guess I was one of those people. It's hard accepting that we're doing something wrong, especially because then we have to do something about it! Haha.

(Oh, BTW, I'm not some strange Blog Stalker! I went to HS with Brad =)

Thanks again!

Cierra said...

you got to go to walmart once a month in hawaii? i was lucky if i got to go twice or thrice in a semester! but walmart has even taken over mexico, and i live within walking distance of one now....needless to say, i find myself there a lot. i know lots of people are anti-walmart, but what else am i supposed to do when i don't have a car?