Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shoe Shopping

We went shoe shopping for Kaci. Her feet are huge. She's already growing out of her size 6 shoes. I wondered how big her feet were, just a half size bigger. But with winter I might buy her 7's so she can wear double socks on super cold days. I let her try on any shoes she wanted. And she tried on a lot of shoes. We didn't buy any yet. She never found a pair she just had to have!


Cierra said...

the gold and silver sequin flats are the best i think...but only if you promise to buy them mismatching just like that! :)

Kim and the Fam said...

she totally looks like Nate in that last picture! apparently the mischevious look comes from our side of the family!!! :)

is it really possible for a girl to choose just one pair of shoes?
I despise shoe shopping for children because they are so expensive and don't fit very long. good idea going with a bigger size gotta get your money worth.