Thursday, October 22, 2009

it's official

After hours and hours of researching anguish and a very insightful email from Cass

I booked our hotel

for the night before the parade, just 5 miles from the parade route. It's official, we're really going to go. I'm SO excited!!

Seriously, anyone going to come? Once in a lifetime for sure, well, for me at least... unless it is so mind blowing amazing (like it's going to be) and I do this every year for the rest of my life... fundraisers here I come... joking... kinda

Just about a zillion other things to plan in the next few weeks, like more fundraisers, what else can I possibly sell?

QUESTION: anyone use those heat warmers that are disposable, ya know they start heating up once they are out of their air tight package and last for hours? would they keep Kaci warm if I pinned a couple hundred of them to the inside of her coat?


newsinaminute said...

woo woo! your going --your going!
you have to see it through now--the hotel is booked right-0? can't wait to hear how fun it was after you get back--we are happy for you

Cierra said...

how FUN! i've always wanted to go! you have to take tons of pics and post them for us all to see!

Nancy K said...

Have a PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim and the Fam said...

I wanna come! Too bad I can't! Can't wait to hear about it though.