Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Getting there is half the journey

The drive was just as much apart of the trip as Times Square (that post is coming soon). It deserves some lime light. It left a lasting impression on Kaci. At the local grocery store this week, we got one of those fancy carts with a car attached to it. When Kaci climbed inside and asked me to start pushing, I had the following conversation with her:

Me: Kaci, are you driving?
Kaci: Beep! Beep! Silly car!
Me: Where are you driving, Kaci?
Kaci: Drivin' New York!
Me: You're drivin' to New York?!?
Kaci: New YoooOOOOrrRRkk!!

I made the video this time (I know you always wonder who creates these things, usually Brad, this time, me). Enjoy. The pictures below are mostly for the blog book we'll make this summer of our Virginia adventures. Sorry for the redundancy!

Kaci with a taxi, I got one of everyone with a taxi... except me, I tried, but would always just barely miss it...shucks. One reason to go back I guess!!
Brad with a taxi. Brad hates driving in big cities, makes him have to pee. I usually do all the city driving. But, Kaci was sick so I was tending to her. He was hilarious. He said some pretty funny stuff. Like "when the cars honk at you, it just means they like you!" I love the way he thinks when he's in a stressful situation. He did an awesome job navigating the city, Kaci helped by holding a map and repeating all the numbers we said. Brad would say, "look for exit 36" and Kaci would respond, "dirty-six!"
Ok, here's my Statue of Liberty picture. I've always wondered what it was like for all those immigrants whose first glimpse of New York (America) was the Statue of Liberty. Now I know! Seeing her through the mists like that seemed so magical to me. It was a perfect moment for me. Call me silly, but that's all I wanted. To catch a glimpse of such a symbolic statue, as I made my way to New York to fulfill silly childhood dream... my excitement (as great as it was) was little compared to those who saw her with much greater hopes and dreams. Picture perfect! (in my mind, obviously since ya can't actually see her in the pix above)
Nothing says New York quite like big buildings, huh? Do you see that mist of darkness, that awful fog that plagued us the entire drive? This pix was taken at about 2pm, that's mid day folks, not a sliver of sunshine... not a sliver. This my friends is why the East Coast is the East Coast, I have never experienced anything close to this on the West Coast (but I've also never lived in Washington, yikes!)
My angle baby. She was such a good sport the whole way, just singing songs and wanting hugs to snuggle away feeling sick. She's such a little gem in our lives. I can't tell you how blessed we feel to have her "along for the ride".


Cierra said...

such a fun post! LOVE all the pictures, the video, and commentary. looks like you guys had a blast despite the whole being sick thing...i would have loved to be there with you! never a dull moment...

p.s. in response to your comment kerri, yes, i am starting to see more and more of myself in kailea with each new day. everyone here tells me she is my mini-me. i really thought she was going to look more like alfredo, but it looks like my genes dominated!

Ali said...

i need that cd!!!! london loves that song and demands more more more however its ME doing all the singing! ( not to mention popping popcorn with your hands while driving isnt always very easy! ha!) i love NYC, so glad it was a dream come true (well as much as traveling with a 2 year old can be)


Bruce & Krystal said...

I love it! I also love how kaci says New York. I can so see you guys saying it that way and the fact that she says it makes it even better!

ALASKA?!?!?! how can you not make a post about it and just change the blog name?!
BRUCE and I are so visting! No questions asked! i'm soooooooo excited about that! i still need to make it to virgina but with the wedding money it prolly wont happen sadness i know but we will visit in alaska and we will be married and wont have to do the dumb who sleeps on the counch and yeah(long sentence huh).. I"M EXCITED FOR MORE PICTURES AND MORE INFO ON ALASK!!!!!

Misty said...

OMG! I KNEW it was Alaska, I just thought it was too silly to guess. WOW! How awesome. :) I am envious of your many adventures, you guys have such an amazing time, no matter where you are! I hope New York was all you hoped it would be and more. I hope to get there myself one day, for now I will live vicariously through your wonderful blog!

Cierra said...

wait WHAT?!?! Alaska??? Kerri, you can't leave us hanging like this....come on, fill us in on the details!

i would have never guessed alaska. especially after you lived in hawaii. talk about a drastic change! but that is awesome! i can't wait to follow your adventures when you're freezing your tushies off! :) if we ever have money, i want to visit you guys!

Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodnes, I JUST e-mailed you and then I saw an Alaska here we come on my blog updater!!!!! WOW!! How cool is that!!?? What University is it?? I'm more than excited for ya'll!!!!! Can't wait to hear more about it!

And loved your video by the way, esp. the repeating popcorn popping section, ahaha.