Tuesday, January 12, 2010

You Do It!

Brad listens to talk radio.

This morning John said "stop planning, start doing."
I wanted to scream!

I don't know how many of you have ever lived with someone who is getting the chance to fulfill a
life dream...
but I live with Brad who is getting exactly that chance.
is all Brad thinks about, talks about, researches...
if our computer were a human it'd burn out with Alaska searches.

We've thought about setting a time limit every day for it, but why set yourself up to fail?

There's nothing but planning to do right now.
Nothing to actually DO about it all yet.
Nevermind what we can't do, let's focus on what we can do.

Kaci just learned (thx for teaching her laura h.) to do this:

And then she says, "YOU DO IT!"
... I know Nancy, you can't. I'm not trying to rub it in your face, Kaci is :)


Nancy K said...

Ouch! Another tongue roller! Of course, due to my lack of talent in this area, I am totally DAZZLED with her skills!

Bethany Finlinson said...

Tyson listens to talk radio as well....and is always planning things. I don't mind him planning...but I don't like talk radio much. I can totally see Brad getting all over excited about Alaska though. haha. Glad I could see you guys over the holidays. Sorry you missed my husband...I promise he exists. :)

Brisha and Poata Te'o said...