Monday, February 22, 2010

Latest from the Greatest

The things she says and how she says them:

"Yes! I did!"
With a big lip sticking out and her hands on her hips. I have no idea where the facial expression came from, but she is totally serious.

"I left it in Utah."
Where's her baby? Go get your boots! Can you find your bible? Always the same answer with her little finger on her chin or lip.

"Thas nice. I like it. Whatch you think?"
(again with the lip, but this time she shrugs her shoulders)

Kaci likes to tell us that just about anybody (babies, missionaries, elmo, a friend at church)
"is going to be really happy to see me"

"I LOVE going fast! WEEEE!"
as Brad drives 35 mph, she only says it when Brad drives

"I want go to waska!"
any day, any time, she's pumped. today she tried to convince me to go without Brad. she even packed up her toys in preparation for the trip.

"Daddy took my car keys?!?!"
any time Brad is gone with the car or upon him arriving home with the car, she always seems very annoyed

"Still six, not time wake up yet....Seven clock, time wake up! YEAH!!!"
she has her own alarm clock now and will knock on our door (which stays locked until 7 am) to tell us the time. She nearly always wakes up at 6, hence the seven o'clock rule. Thanks for the idea Calls (in MD)!

"I want to talk to everybody"
hence the random phone calls, she also tells us to push numbers on the phone. Aunt Krystal and Uncle Bruce (as she has started using Krystal as a pawn to get to Bruce) is number 5 for some reason. Grandma Lynda is number 2. I think Brad tried to teach her speed dial on his cell phone at one point, bad idea.

Kaci can count to 14 regularly, after that she says numbers like eleven teen.

"Polar Bears"
In an attempt to pacify her insistence on going to "waska" everyday I told her about polar bears. Teddy Grahams are now polar bears. People probably think I'm a nut case when I call them polar bears.

Oh and she's obsessed with her new friend Colin and Lyla (sp?) A week later she'll say things like:
"My toe hurts. Colin made my toe hurt. "
"Lyla make me laugh. She silly at her house."

"No, not 'oars' Mommy."
I love that she pronounces yours like oars. I smile every time.


Krystal and Bruce said...

yeah whats up with her wanting my man?!?!?! he's my prince charming! I think its a good thing she lives so far away. All that competition would be tiring! =] I love it though! What do you think about bruce and kaci dancing to, you got a friend in me, at the wedding???? And we are only doing like 2 dances just so kaci can dance with my prince, but only after i dance with him first =]

The Finlinsons said...

I love it!!! Kids are so cute. Kaci reminds me of Eden sometimes. I wish we could have been able to get together longer over the christmas break and the kids could have played more...

Ali said...

i love the " going to be really happy to see me" line. because I feel like London too thinks she will make anybody's day just by being there. we must have said that all too often to them lol. she is adorable. i wish i knew her :)

Brianne said...

No way! Mayley says Eleven-Teen too!! haha!! I love all the cute things Kaci says. I love that she thinks that going fast is at 35 MPH with Brad. My kids always ask when we are going down a hill so they can put their hands up in the air like they are on a rollercoaster!! Love it!

newsinaminute said...

one of my greatest pleasures in life is hearing the fun things that the grandkids and school kids say--great post thanks for sharing
brad told me the car (I like to go fast ) one on Sunday and I have laughed about it since..cute stuff

Cierra said...

"i left it in utah."

aaaaamazing. i think i need to start using that line. kaci is hilarious! i really wish we were neighbors. boo.

Laura Hendricks said...

i love her

Nancy K said...

la la love her!

Brisha and Poata Te'o said...

This post just makes me really excited for Luka to start talking!!! Kaci is so adorable and hilarious!!