Thursday, February 25, 2010

Let me out!

I haven't left the 'Burg in far too long. Last Saturday I nearly suffocated. So, I did what I always do when I just need a change of pace. I packed us up (this time I had some fun money to spend, far less packing when you don't have to pack a meal, just snacks) and went to Staunton to feed the ducks.

I know, a 40 minute drive to feed some ducks?
First off the drive on the 11 is enchanting, rolling country side, cows galore, and small towns no one cares about. I also love that duck pond. The duck food is only a nickel and it's technically the closest "established duck pond" to us. Kaci also loves the "just for tots" play ground.

(this little guys is the prettiest duck I have EVER seen! Can you see those colors? wow! wow, wow, wow!)

We also walked the down town until I felt weak and sick (still recovering from the last Saturday when my body turned on me). They have an awesome down town. Pufferbellies toy store makes me wish no one else was allowed to sell toys but those ladies. Those girls know toys like I know technique for lifting weights. I'm telling you they are amazing. They know a bulk of their customers by name and they have real wood toys, an entire section of amazing books, and it's all kid friendly. They will let you demo just about anything. This is where we go after the ducks to play with all the cool toys, get a sticker, and jet. Love that place!

Then we stopped by this store called "Worthington Hardware Co.", but really it's just this giant antique store. It was crazy! They had all sorts of stuff that was totally unorganized and you could just use it. Like swords, an old phone booth, a stop light, a library of old books, coke bottles, old sleds, old wagons, an old plow, old fashioned sewing machines, tons of old tools, etc... Basically if you could think "My grandpa had a ______" then they had it. It had that real old stuff smell to it too. We had a lot of fun just exploring the place!

But before coming home this time, I splurged on some Mexican food. Mexican food is by far my favorite meal to go out for. Ya just never know what the salsa will taste like or if the rice and beans will be any good. The anticipation makes it so fun for me. I got a taco and a tostada (my favorites). We ate at the Baja Bean. It made me desperate for Arizona. The salsa barely had any taste, but at least it was chuck full of fresh tomatoes. The beans were good, but the rice was bland (that always blows my mind, how can Spanish rice be bland? Seems like ya really have to screw up to achieve that).

I came home content to spend another week or two in the often boring 'Burg. And Brad got a tummy ache like he has every single time we've gone out for Mexican food together. I have no idea how that happens or why. He obviously wasn't raised on the stuff!


Ali said...

that's so funny because Asaf always wants Mexican and i hate it. i am always "sick of it". haven't really had it in years.....which is weird cause i love spicy! amazing what growing up in AZ will do to you..... I'm sure I would crave it the minute I left. I still remember me and you in Utah trying to find good Mexican food. impossible. lol

but keep being so creative... I feel that way and i live in a huge city! plus it seems so so pretty there!

Nancy K said...

It feels good to yell "FREEEEEEE" (okay at least in your mind) and get out the norm!

Brisha and Poata Te'o said...

For some reason I just really loved this post! I don't know if it is because I could hear your voice the entire time I read it or because when I was young my mom took me to see the ducks at v-land like every day (there used to be a duck pond across from crawfords home at v-land) or because Poata hates mexican food and i love it and i was raised on it and he wasn't. Or because I felt like I was walking through those amazing sounding stores. I don't know what it was about this post, maybe everything, but I just loved it!

Krystal and Bruce said...

Well ya know, you will be here in less then 116 days and i can give ya mexican and chinese all in one!!!! i know youre excited!