Saturday, March 20, 2010

5 AM

Brad accidentally woke me up at 5 AM today. Saturday is MY day to sleep in. It's what gets me through Thursday and Friday. I was so furious I couldn't speak, and I worked myself up so much that I had a minor asthma attack and had to take an inhaler. Thankfully, the inhaler made me sleepy, and I was able to fall back asleep. I think that inhaler saved our relationship. I haven't been that furious in quite sometime.

I have the coolest re-occuring dream that my sisters and my mom and I all secretly know how to fly, using a stick of some sort.

This early morning, in my dream, I was in a pinch cooking dinner and needed to jet. Daringly I used the shortest stick I've ever tried, my spatula in hand. I couldn't fly as high or as fast, but since I am excellent (better than anyone else) at speedy take offs I could do it, my sisters couldn't (as we found out later when I told them about my spatula flight and they tried it). My mom warned me to use longer sticks in the future, she told me not to mess with a good thing. Got it Mom, in future dreams I will try to locate a broom or something when I'm in haste.

Do you know I don't own a full length broom here, just the hand held one. I keep meaning to get one, but now I know I won't. It'll be high on the list of things to buy in Alaska. Getting on my hands and knees to sweep my kitchen and bathroom isn't very fun.

Then End.

p.s. I did sleep until 8:15, so I confessed to Brad my angry spell at 5AM. He laughed and forgave me, and I feel very refreshed! I'm ready for a wonderful SPRING day!