Tuesday, March 2, 2010

kaci's uncle von

"Are you meeting somewhere here?"

"Uh....ummm.... ye-s?"

"He just called and said he's stuck in traffic."

"Bummer! Let's eat!"

Chow Mein and Orange Chicken were within reach, I was hungry, and I had been wanting some Panda since my last taste of it over Christmas.

An hour later, Devon (!) arrived! I'm so glad the people knew we were waiting for someone or they would have wondered, "who are the weirdo's who split an entree and have been hanging out in the lobby all night?"

I'm glad I didn't wait for him to eat, and I'm glad we still got to savor hours with a dear friend. After 2 hours at Panda, we weren't done talking, but needed some pie. What would a reunion with a Hawaii friend be without pie or ice cream?

My favorite moment of the night was when we were sitting around a blazing hot fire at Cracker Barrel, coats hanging on our chairs, talking about patching surf boards and killer surf sessions. I can only imagine what small town Virginians in the seemingly crowded restaurant were thinking as they overheard our conversations.

It was a lil bizarre to entertain my lil one, eat an apple dumpling, and have on something besides a swimsuit and shorts while we chatted it up with Devon, but I loved every single minute. Oh the joys in life.

Devon is a long lost (but not forgotten) friend from my semesters (from h-e-double hockey sticks) at BYU-Hawaii. He was Brad's room mate too, so we were both incredibly excited to catch up with him while he was on a business trip in DC. So many great memories flooded my mind while I listened to old surf stories and entertained Kaci.

Life is good when you've got both a family and amazing friends to share it with. It's was great catching up Devon. Let's do it again soon!!!

p.s. for all you non-kama'aina, kaci calls Devon "uncle von" because that's what all kids do in Hawaii. If someone is older than you, you call them auntie or uncle. Oh, and Devon shortened his name to Von that semester.


newsinaminute said...

sounds fun--so glad you could all spend that fun time together--I remember him (or I mean hearing about him--when he was the roommate)

Kim and the Fam said...

wow two things stood out to me in this post
1) how old do you feel that instead of having friends in college you have friends visiting on their business trips?

2) I never ever want to have to dress for cold weather ever again. :) unless it's to come visit you. THen i could possible put up with it.