Thursday, May 20, 2010


Seminary is wrapping up. Brad convinced me to wrap it up with style,
so I threw my kids a
scripture mastery quiz

corn hole, pitch-a-fit, caricatures*, arm wrestling*,
kissing booth*, guessing games, and a concession stand*

balloons, lollipops, ring pops, and a gold fish
j&l, kaci, brad, and me

My kids rock! I got their usual shock and awe at doing something so elaborate at 6am. They had a lot of fun, were super grateful for my efforts, and let me take pictures. I just might miss teaching seminary after all.

******okay a little explanation for those of you who care!******
Kissing booth? Kaci was the carnie. She had a bowl full of chocolate kisses and when someone asked her for a kiss she'd day "it's chocolate!".
Arm Wrestling? L. was the carnie. She's might be more petitie than most of my students. But, she had an amazing fake tattoo that would scare anybody senseless. Thanks for dressing the part!
Caricatures? J. drew quick pictures of the kids on the spot. They loved it. He's super talented.
Concession stand? I thought I was hilarious. I did breakfast-on-a-stick. I used some skewers and stuck a whole apple or orange and a muffin on it. I wish I would have taped the juice box or chocolate milk on it too, but they were already so heavy. If I had had those cool steel ones I would have for sure.
OH! and since I was using my precious seminary budget for this, I have to mention that I did everything but the food for $20. Well worth it if you ask me.


newsinaminute said...

too cute! way to end with a big finish--you fought a good fight
as paul the apostle would say
you won the race

Elizabeth said...

how fun! I love this! What an awesome seminary teacher!

Nancy K said...

Seriously you rock!

Ali said...

you are so your mother's daughter! best seminary teacher ever! and yay for it being OVER too!

Krystal and Bruce said...

you must have had sister T as your seminary teacher =]

Cierra said...

this reminds me of the type of stuff my mom did as my seminary teacher. all the kids loved her, just as i'm sure they love you! what an awesome idea!

the breakfast on a stick IS hilarious. brilliant. and the kissing booth with kaci too. so cute.

who knew waking up at the buttcrack of dawn could be so fun??

Brisha and Poata Te'o said...

You're awesome!!