Sunday, May 30, 2010

good times

We had a killer weekend!

  1. Friday was spent prepping for my spontaneous moving sale on Saturday. On Saturday, we woke up early and moved nearly everything outside hoping people would buy it. They did! I'm a rich woman with $60 of spending money now!
  2. Our pool also opened up, so we spent 3 solid hours swimming. Kaci swam at least a mile's worth. She also scraped her knees for the first time ever. She refused to walk the rest of the night and finally called it quits at 4:30pm. She slept til 7am Sunday.
  3. Seminary Graduation! Brad and I celebrated by cashing in on some free babysitting and a gift card from some good friends. We bolted after the closing prayer to eat some steak at a local restaurant we've never been too. **"Mormon Prom"** was still going on when we finished our meal so we did what any seminary teacher should do, crashed it! The kids were thrilled to see us and we even got to take another cheese-y formal dance picture!
  4. Another "cheese-y formal dance picture" you wonder? Feast your eyes on this beauty:
That's right, me, Brad, Nate, and Kim decked out for a TVA Valentine's Day Ball (TVA is the married student housing complex at BYU-Hawaii, they do all sorts of events, usually monthly!).

PLEASE take a minute to notice: we all have little orange wrist bands, the gag fest of a background, the amazing pose, and the totally morphed dimensions. I'm pretty positive none of you have seen such a horrific picture in all your life. And no, I didn't alter it at all, this is what we got back from the "professionals" that took it! I'm pretty sure the picture we took last night at the Mormon Prom will not even come close to comparing with this beauty, but we did our best. Thanks for posing with us Laura!

** Mormon Prom Explanation**
The youth program for our church does dances regularly, in May they do a formal dance and all the kids call it Mormon Prom. They wear their formals and go all out decorating for it. It's THE social event of the year for the teenagers. I think it's kind of cool to have an alternative or an additional dance to wear your Prom get-up to. The graduation and the dance were on the same night this year, so I had to make an appearance! I was also so curious to see what all the fuss was about. It did look like fun.


Jessica said...

How fun! Gotta love cheesy photos! Hope you guys are well!

Brisha and Poata Te'o said...

Haha that cheesy pic is the best!! Can't wait to see the Mormon prom picture too! I want to have a garage sale too! What's up with the first picture on this post? Kaci is so funny! I can't believe she slept so long!! I gotta start taking Luka to the pool more often! Although yesterday we took him to the beach and he only woke up once to eat last night!! Soooo happy!!

Laura Hendricks said...

you're right. i doubt our picture will top that one. BUT it's still real awesome.

Tro0223y_Millan said...

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