Sunday, May 16, 2010

it's the truth

At 7 o'clock on a Wednesday night.
At noon on a Saturday.
At 2pm on a Monday.

Unexpected visitors please be advised:
3 times within two weeks I had unexpected visitors pop in. They didn't stand at my doorway. They didn't even want to just sit on the couch. They wanted to see the WHOLE apartment. Toys everywhere, boxes stacked and half full, dishes half done, laundry fresh out of the dryer on the couch (and it would be the load of unmentionables too), a toilet just peed in by my two year old who still has her pants down, a carpet with sticks, rocks, and leaves that the two year old just dragged in, a bowl of uneaten snack on the table... need I go on?

First, a lady who heard I was moving just wanted to see how much smaller my medium two bedroom was to her large two bedroom.

Second, a man Brad was doing census training with. They had some time to kill and decided to do it in my apartment. Hello? I'm pretty sure that's what parks are for!

Third, my landlord wanted to show a woman the exact apartment she could rent in hopes it would make her decision easier.

I'm moving.
I have a two year old.
My husband is super busy right now.
Don't come knocking on my door unless you've given at least a half hour notice.


Amanda said...

Wow. I know exactly how you feel! Well said lady!

劉KarolR_Sundquis said...


Cierra said...

ohhhh i am so with you on this one! hey, your house might not have been spic'n'span, but i'm gonna go ahead and guess that you were at least not still in your pajamas, right? yeah, i totally love when people just show up at the door and i'm in pajamas, my hair looks like it survived a tornado, and i haven't even brushed my teeth. it's just plain awesome.

Cierra said...

p.s. karol sundquis seems pretty outraged too.

Brisha and Poata Te'o said...

Oh my I am totally with you on this annnd with Cierra! I swear I am always in my pajamas with NO makeup on and a huge mess allll over the place! Unexpected visitors are the worst!