Sunday, June 22, 2008

Gateway Mall

Okay, everyone talks about the Gateway Mall here. I have been itching to go. So I finally just went. I want to go again. It's a nice outside mall with good stores. It also has a fun little place for Kaci to play. It's called the Discovery Museum. It's a lot like the Science Museum in Arizona. Smaller, but way fun. The first exhibit is one with like a zillion balls. Kaci was in heaven. We spent like a hour there alone. It was funny when I tried to leave, she wiggled free a couple times and when I finally walked to another exhibit she started scooching back to the ball exhibit. It was cool because there were clear tubes that went everywhere and you stuck the ball in them and so balls were going everywhere. Kaci sat a watched for a LONG time before she joined in the fun. I couldn't get her to let go of her ball, but she'd start to put it in and then take it back out of the tube. She's so cute. They also had a big magnet wall with tons of magnets, she liked that too.
We spent all day there. My camera ran out of battery, but I could have taken so many cute videos and pictures of her.

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