Sunday, June 22, 2008

"Hikin' Hikin' Backpack"

In the words of my neice Lili, we used our "hikin hikin backpack" again on Saturday.

It was the first day of SUMMER and we hiked in SNOW and ate some of it. It was so cold on our feet. Kaci was asleep for most of the hike. I packed her in and Brad packed her out. While crossing a stream with her, I once got applauded for not falling off the log into a icey water. Pretty funny.

We also ran into an old lumberjack hacking down fallen trees on the trail. Brad helped him clear one log out of the way. He loved to chop up wood.

It was fun to go romping through the woods. We had a picnic lunch and came home smelling like wild flowers.

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Cierra said...

I love that you and Brad still do so many fun things together two really are "nature-bunnies." But snow in June?? That's just madness!