Friday, June 13, 2008


Forecast since we have been in Utah, COLD (like the high is 60) with scattered showers and frequent bursts of frigid air. On June 12th, we went to Park City to go to the outlets and it was SNOWING up there. Crazy! Those outlets were great, just as wonderful as the Outlets at Anthem (they have an Adidas outlet Victoria!!) We would run from store to store because we were NOT prepared for snow. It was fun. On our way home we stopped at Temple Square and took a tour of the Tabernacle roof. I love that tour. I LOVE all the wild flowers and trees. Such a cool idea to make a building look like a mountain! We put Kaci in a patch of pretty red flowers, and she ate one while we snapped a picture. She eats everything. I once found an ear plug in her daiper. YUCK!

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Abbie Anna and Megan said...

LOVE the flowers! What a great photo op