Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Gardening is FUN to do!

Just after her bath, Kaci set out to do some midnight (she takes a bath right before bed) gardening. You've heard of a midnight snack, haven't ya?!?! She mostly just ate the dirt and played with the weeds, but she had a lot of fun and went to bed with a full tummy.

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Cierra said...

okay, now i officially think you are a TERRIFIC mom. (i thought so before, but this just kicked it up a notch) That is because you let your kid eat dirt. Most people would be appalled by this, but I think it is great. Parents these days don't let their kids so much as play outside...kids are losing out on nature and good oold-fashioned fun. which includes germs. It's good for their immune systems I say.

When I watch our old family videos, my favorite is of the kids just playing in (and eating) the dirt, as happy as can be. Good job Kerri! :)