Sunday, July 13, 2008

We DID it!

In the olden days, this week would have marked my passage back into society because Kaci is offically weaned! That's right, I'm free, free, free! It wasn't even hard. It actually happened on accident becasue I forgot to nurse her one day and then I forgot again a couple days later... so I figured there was no need to continue if I could just forget and she didn't care! I made it 11 months and 2 weeks nursing the lil one! Now she drinks out of a sippy cup and a bottle. She only gets the bottle for two more weeks and then I'm taking that away too. I figure if I'm supposed to nurse til she is one, it's ok for her to have the bottle til she's one, so long as it's milk in it and not juice (correct me if I'm wrong Victoria). Anyhow, I just wanted to parade the fact that I am free! (well free-er than I was a couple weeks ago... Kaci can actually be babysat now and me not worry that I'm starving her to death!!)

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The Clarks said...

Good Job Kerri! I think I beat you though....I nursed Ivy for 14 months...ridiculous, I know!