Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kaci can WALK!

This is HUGE! She tried taking steps in Utah, but at Uncle Bruce's house she took off. She could walk across the entire room with no help. That was at the beginning of August. Now at the end of August she can walk our entire apartment, which isn't much bigger than Bruce's front room, but she can navigate in and out of rooms, turn around, reverse. She's practically PRO! It is lots of fun to watch her and to chase her. She tries to run, and we all think it is hilarious. She always falls over laughing. It's so funny to look up and see Kaci cruise into the living room or wander into the bathroom. She still schooches to get to a piece of furniture to stand up, but she's working on standing up by herself so she won't have to do that anymore too. It's amazing how fast she is learning and growing.

We took this picture at a mini golf place by Bruce's house. Kaci thought it was fun to hold the club and the ball, she looks so cute.

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zealandrocks said...

YAY for kaci!!! i knew she would get it soon!!! I can't believe how big she is now!!! I can't wait until the day she runs to give me a hug! (you know she will cuz i'm the favorite aunt =])

She who needs real crawling before walking.. thats baby stuff haha