Thursday, August 28, 2008

DC adventure day

DC is crazy. You really have to know what you want to do and how you are going to do it. Uncle Bruce drove us around it to give us an overview. I got really excited about the FREE zoo, so we planned a trip to DC to see it. But, even with directions from mapqust, we got lost, again and again. We ended up at the Air and Space Museum which is no where near the zoo. We ended up there because I was going nuts in driving around and when I saw a meter to park at, I pulled in and got out. Luckily we were close to the Smithsonian district. While walking back to our car from the Air and Space Museum, we popped our heads into the African-Amerian Art Museum and ran into a friend from Hawaii, Dustin. He was in DC doing an internship. He offered to take us on a tour of the capitol. If you don't know, you have to write your senator and make arrangements in advance to tour the capitol, so we were super excited to bypass that whole process. So we went on a super interesting tour with a an old friend. Is that crazy or what?! Our favorite part was the rotunda, or the bg round part you can see forever away. It is really pretty in there. The whole building is phenomenal, tons of history.

After the capitol it was too late to drive because of traffic, so we tried to find the zoo again... and succeeded!! That's right, we finally found it! This zoo is crazy. They let you go "behind the scenes" to where they feed and bathe the animals, so you never miss animals. They also have Pandas and a way cool exhibit of other Asian plants and animals. The coolest part about this zoo is the the "O line". There is huge line of poles with ropes that stretch across the zoo. They go from one ape house to another. So, the apes can swing their way across the park, overhead. They were all asleep when we were there, but I want to go back in the morning so I can see em do it. Is that cool or what!!

Brad's favorite part was the cheetah. He got so excited when he saw how close it was to us. He said he wished he had a hotdog to entice it with. He's crazy. He also decided that if he had a hotdog, the cheetah would run and jump over the baracade to get it... hmm, I'm not sure Brad should be allowed to go to the zoo anymore.

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zealandrocks said...

I am SO excited for all the fun things we will get to do!!

Who knows when i'll come out but i know it will be fun fun fun!!!

leave it to calls to find another fun place to live!!