Friday, September 12, 2008

In a year....

Brad had a funny thought last night after dinner, "what we were doing exactly one year ago today?" Answer, living in Hawaii with a one month old with no idea whatsoever that we would be in Virginia a year later. Which led us to think what in the world we would be doing a year from now.
Our prediction:
I will either be large and in charge with another baby, in the best shape of my life, or seriously considering getting pregnant again. I am not pregnant now, don't worry!
Brad will be in his second year at JMU and we will be contemplating where to go for his internship.
Kaci will be talking up and storm, potty trained, and solving basic algebra problems.

Wow, so much can happen in just one year!

1 comment:

zealandrocks said...

yeah you could be somewhere doing something new.. or right back to hawaii having another kid..

trust me.. my life did a 360.. anything can happen..

here i am at marshas working at the arena going to chandler gilbert... just like a year and half ago =]