Friday, September 12, 2008

To be or not to be?

Ok, apparently when my brother-in-law called me a hippie he was right. I had no idea I was a hippie! I have shocked an appalled several people here because:
I don't watch movies nightly
I don't obsess over politics
I don't own nor do I watch T.V.
I don't wear make-up
I had a natural delivery
I like to be outside
I cut my own hair
We went camping for our Honeymoon
and I like granola.
In my opinion, you need to have some type of musical talent to be a hippie, and that is why I do not consider myself one, but maybe I just need to embrace it. I guess Brad must also be a hippie because he, in addition to the above list, also likes to be barefoot.

We like it, but we've noticed it makes other people a little uncomfortable. We're worried we won't be able to keep friends. We've found we can't participate in 80% of the conversations at social gatherings because they revolve around movies and television. We have no desire to change our lifestyle, what do we do?

At least we have the internet!!


Cierra said...

haha you ARE a hippie!! i never thought about it that way before...but my friend JJ (you know her) is for real a hippie. she has even lived in her car for awhile, went vegan for a bit, rock climbs, has considered getting dreadlocks, and does not shower on a daily basis. maybe i am just attracted to hippie-ish friends??

you are awesome kerri and i hope you NEVER EVER change! alfredo and i have a TV but it doesn't get channels, so we just rent movies on the weekend. so i know how you feel about missing out on the majority of other people's conversations. but just think about how much FUN everyone else is missing out on. :)

zealandrocks said...

i'm glad you have embraced this finally! =]

we love you for being a hippie! Its what makes you guys so great! =]

Bryan said...

Am I the brother-in-law that labeled you as a hippie? Your mom said you and Brad were hippies and I agreed. However, I did agreed to pitch in for a VW Van as a graduation present when Brad finishes school at Billy Madison.

Abbie Anna and Megan said...

Abbie sings a song from school called, "I like being me!" She'll teach it to you!