Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just Cruisin

WARNING: this is a long video during which nothing particularly exciting happens.

Kaci has learned to stand up and walk on her own, so she is officially FREE to wander. Amazingly enough, she follows right behind me when we walk through the store or where ever. I was telling Brad about it, but he didn't think much of it til we went to the mall and Kaci just followed right behind us the whole entire time. She never ran off or got into stuff, just danced occasionally when a store was playing music she liked. Brad wanted everyone to see this for themselves. So the video isn't very exciting, but it is 6 whole minutes of watching an adorable little girl cruisin the local mall.


Cierra said...

okay okay, so i didn't actually watch the entire video, but i watched a good 30 seconds of it or so and i think i get the "gist" of it.


Kerri, I can't believe you have a walking toddler! I still remember when Kaci was a newborn and we went and ate dinner at Brisha's. Heck, I still remember the first time I met you in the Ninja House and all the good times that came thereafter. (which reminds me, i was just remembering the other day that one time we "surfed" pipe with that one older guy...i forgot his name. but we were so stoked on surfing there, and then we ate at sunset pizza after. ahhhh how i miss it.)

Misty said...

I love watching your vids and looking at the pics of you guys and Kaci. This one was no exception! She is so precious and her dancing makes me laugh out loud. She is one AWESOME kid!

zealandrocks said...

so i wonder what ppl think as brad is video taping his child just walking hahh. you guys make my laugh! kaci is one cute kid!! we need to get her to doc so we can fix her feet that point out. nothing a little adjustment can't fix. =]

newsinaminute said...

too cute--she is a trooper
walking so steady and so long without fussing or anything--loved watching her in action-walking makes her seem sooooo grown up
and oh what cute little shoes--she has on...love love loved it..