Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ol' Greene

Let me introduce you to my new best friend Ol' Greene. I got this jogging stroller from a cute old lady whose been storing it for years. It's a little old, but still in like new condition. I got desperate for one, so it's not the perfect stroller, but I love it still the same. Kaci loves to go for a stroll, so she is happy she can again. I needed one with a hand brake because of all the hills here and I wanted one with a swivel wheel that could lock like my old one, but I went for need instead of want. It's also a little too big for the trunk, so it gets shot gun if I want to take it somewhere. Like I said, it's not the perfect stroller, but I love it! I go running at Hillandale park where there are lots of hills. I can now (after 3 weeks of walking up the hills) run the entire trail! Wahoo for me! Yes I said trail, next time I go I'm going to have Kaci video tape part of it as I run so you can see how cool it is there.
Kaci loves it too. The above picture was taken when Kaci decided she wanted to go for an early morning stroll to see the sun rise. I knew she wanted to go for a stroll because she stopped screaming and pointing at the stroller when I put her in it. I think Kaci is going to be "out-doorsy" like her parents.

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Hayley said...

very nice! i love the stroller and that she loves her shoes so much! how cute!