Monday, November 3, 2008


Everyone knows I have asthma, but guess who else has it? BRADLEY! That's right. I've made him take my inhaler several times, but this past week I told him that I think he has exercise induced asthma and that he should get his own inhaler. The doctor confirmed it and gave him his own medicine. (This explains why sometimes he breathes so hard!) Now I'm teaching him all about asthma and how to deal with it. It's too bad we both have it, our kids have virtually no hope now. Ah well, we'll just hope that some day we'll make enough money to have health insurance!


Hayley said...

thats crazy - who knew? probably not going to stop him but at least he has medicine now.

zealandrocks said...

aww poor brad! but he was forwarned.. when you get married.. you share everything tee hee

The Spicers said...

Wow I'm shocked! Well, I promise it never held Brad back from doing exercise so I'm sure your kids will be fine!