Sunday, November 23, 2008

The First Snow

It snowed this week, a couple times actually, but it only stuck once. We woke up to a very thin blanket of snow on the ground Tuesday morning. We bundled Kaci up and headed out so she could play in it before it melted. She liked it, but it was awfully cold out and the snow suit she was wearing made her walk funny. I thought it was ridiculous that we put her in the snow suit for such little snow until we stepped outside and it was FREEZING! I hope we get a "good" snow this year that is fun to play in. We'll see! Someone let me borrow a kiddie snow suit for Kaci, so she is ready for it! I love her little hat that my mom made her. Isn't it adorable?!!


Cierra said...

i LOVE that little hat! she looks like a little amish girl. not that i know what one looks like, but that is how i would imagine one to look like. anyways, she is adorable.

and snow?? oh my word! i am cold just looking at it. but how fun!

Brianne said...

what the!? you got snow before us!??! wow what a change in weather for you guys huh!?! Its fun to play in thats for sure. I'm not looking forward to the snow. its cold!! its pretty though!! hope you are having fun with hayley and kevin!