Sunday, November 23, 2008


Rice Krispy treat anyone? Kaci loves when I make 'em. I like to make them because I like less marshmallow and more krispies. Kaci thoroughly enjoyed her rice krispy treat... at least what she actually got in her mouth! She walked around for a about an hour with it all over her face because every time I tried to get it off she thought I was taking away her treat, so I just let her do her thing.

Brad also made a treat that night. If anyone ever wants to bring Brad a plate a cookies, you might want to think twice when you see what Brad considers a plate of cookies is!


Cierra said... it bad that i still think the goops of rice krispie treats on kaci's face still look appetizing?

newsinaminute said...

yummy treats--both look good
the snow fall looks fun and yes the hat is adorable on her
nice of your mom to make it
she looks so cute in it
(she looks cute in everything to me)
snow eh? wow--you're getting an early start--
thanks for making Hayley and Kevin's trip fun and happy thanksgiving--we love and miss ya

Vaina and Kaumana said...

Wow, she is so Grown up now! and so pretty like her mommy! miss you guys! Aloha