Saturday, November 29, 2008

Quirks Tag

I don't typically do the tags, but the more I thought about this one from Brianne I realized that I have a ton of quirks when it comes to dishes.

1) I don't do the dishes until the sink is gunk free. I think it is SICK to reach my hand into a sink full of dishes and feel gunk. All dishes should be rinsed and nicely stacked for washing in the perfect world.
2) I think the dishes need to bathed in clean water at all times. I never fill up the sink with soapy water and emerge all my dishes in them neither do I rinse them in a pool of water. I realize this is less water friendly, but since I don't have a dishwasher I probably use less water than most anyway. (and I am super cautious about not wasting water in general)
3) I despise hand drying dishes. I do it out of necessity sometimes because it's polite at someone's house or because of my lack of dishes when people come over. I am a huge fan of air drying. People say they hate the water spots, I never get any since Brad insists on plastic for the most part and from my experience the towel usually gets fluff all over them. I'd take the spots over fluff. I also think that the dish towels gets them kind of germy again even if it's a fresh towel.
4) I don't like to put dishes away. I can build a gigantic pile of dishes in my dish rack before I finally have to put them away. I also am quite good at playing "jenga" with the stacked dishes. Since Brad hates glass, we have mostly plastic so it's kind of fun to see how high I can stack 'em before they fall. If the stack is too large and more stacking will definitely make it fall, I try to hold out on doing dishes until Brad puts them all away.
5) When I do dishes, I stack 'em all up and survey how long it'll take me. I commit to those said dishes. If someone (usually Brad) brings another dish and adds it to the pile I want to scream. And usually do. It really bothers me. Just because I started doing dishes, it does not mean I'm washing ALL the dishes in the house that are dirty. Just the ones I've collected to wash and committed myself to washing.
6) I also dread it when people stack dirty gunky dishes. This is what most people do when they clear a table. I take each individual dish away, wipe off the gunk, rinse it, and then stack it to be washed. This cuts down on the gunk so that I will actually wash them.
7) I don't like to touch used wash clothes and sponges. They generally feel slimy if you ask me. I bought a dish wand when I lived in the Ninja House and it continues to rock my world. I love it. The best part about it is that you can clean one or two dishes at a time which is why I got it in college with room mates. Dishes are less of a chore when you only have to do a couple at a time and they tend not to stack up as fast. I highly recommend it!

I told ya I had a lot of quirks when it came to dishes! Surprisingly, I keep up with them most of the time. Occasionally I go on strike because of repeated offenses to my known quirks, but for the most part the dishes do get done. Miracle don't ya think!


Brianne said...

I'm glad you did the quirk tag thing!! It sure makes ya think about weird or funny things you do huh!? I think its awesome that you have this certain way you do the dishes! I should be more like you when it comes to doing the dishes!! You're so cool!

zealandrocks said...

ok all i have to say is DITO! everything you said.. i'm the same way... DID YOU MAKE ME THAT WAY!!!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?
seriously, i agree 10000% with every "quirk"(i didn't think they were quirks lol) you said. i do everything and feel the same about everything on your list. again, DID YOU MAKE ME THAT WAY!?!?! lol we were meant to be sisters =]